You know how good it feels to laugh?  Then why leave it up to chance?


Let your curiosity guide you to an opportunity to have fun and laugh and feel GREAT!  

This proven method of using simple movements and unconditional voluntary laughter will put a smile on your face, boost your immune system, energize your heart, ignite your creativity and thrust you into robust resiliency.  


The Laughter Wellness method, similar to Laughter Yoga, is practiced all over the world in schools, hospitals, businesses, churches, prison and even the armed services. We don't tell jokes, you don't need a sense of humor, you don't even need to be in a good mood!  


Laughter will help you access your own inner pharmacy for healing and cleansing your body, easing stress, improving your mind and lifting your spirits. 


Great for all ages, all abilities.  No special clothes or equipment needed.  It's drug free HAPPINESS!!


Laugh and feel good and make new friends too! 

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